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Does anyone know where there are guaranteed greystone locations, on corpses or boxes or whatever?
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There’s a guaranteed greystone chunk located on a platform in 2-2. You need to go past the elevator room and drop down from where you encounter your first rockworm
By Anonymous
The best place to farm chucks and shards is before the Flamelurker archstone. The three fire sprouting Rock Worms are guaranteed to drop at least shards.
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they couldnt make it drop from lizards or something? that you cant fully upgrade a weapon without farming is ridiculous, things like that really show that this is the first game in the series. DS3 isnt my favorite, but at least you could buy chunks and special materials infinitely.
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This game is better than DS3
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Just saying “this is better” isn’t really an argument mate
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I agree. A few modern improvements would be welcome, like the ability to buy all upgrade materials. I would also welcome the ability to sell materials as there are so many upgrade materials that are not used on each playthrough.
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Welcome to Demon's Souls scrub
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Just kidding, being able to purchase them would be nice
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DS3 is the best Soulsborne game tied with Elden Ring.
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Copied from the Upgrades page:

Crushing Upgrades
Upgrade weapons with the Crushing path from +1 to a max level of +5. Forge weapons with the Greystone that provides STR bonus but at the same time, it removes any DEX bonus.
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Why there are blue effects in the Remake Greystone? Oh wait i get it, it's because the Remake is made by Bluepoint XD
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I got a greystone chunk every 5.5 minutes on average with this strat:

Sword of searching
wand with soul arrow
providential ring
eternal warrior ring
(10 magic, 7 luck)

Just spawn at the flamelurker Archstone, run back and kill the three worms beyond the tunnel and the three inside the tunnel where you originally drop to. Aim for their heads as it's a one shot. Return to Archstone and reload.
By Anonymous
What is the minimum regular weapon upgrade to perform this path? I assumed +3 but I couldn't enhance a Mace through this path.
By Anonymous
I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking how ******* Greystone and Bladestone farming are. Also, I really think using a Meltstone should give you at least SOME of the materials back. Yeah, all would be nice, but it really sucks realizing you've been upgrading an inferior weapon and now all that Greystone farming went to waste. Have them in some crystal lizard drops or something ffs!!! So tired farming to get a single Str weapon at max.