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Is this on PC?
Sadly i missed this event. Any chance of it showing up again? Would really like this set for my chars
Nope, got the normal one yet not the layered one
i was playing on pc and someone was wearing this and i have no clue how they got it
As far as I am aware, you can't get it on pc, cause pc did not get the Holiday Joy Fest. Which is the only way to get VIP Joyful Tickets. So if someone had the layered armor on pc, they had to of modified drop tables or mod that adds it.
if you see people wearing armor that are not out yet on pc it's just because thei'r using mods , i use mods to wear any armor i want as layered armor
Its on pc right now , but how to unlock it as layered ? I just want the pants but i guess ill need to build it completely to get the layered version? same for the bodybuilder/muscle one ?
Or do i need 5 VIP Joyful Ticket unused to unlock it


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you have to craft the normal one first, if you did this it will unluck it as layered armor
I want it but I missed the event
It running right now because of Corona they recycle an event now.
Can this amor increase your chance on vip tickets?


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if you wear the normal armor(not layered)