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good stability. enchated estoc + this with magic shield ftw
This is also the Wargod Wooden Shield from Dark Souls III, the lore implication are very interesting. It all ties Faraam, the Lion Clan, Nameless King and the Mound-Makers together.
Especially since we see the Lion everywhere since Dark Souls 1, the lion clearly represents the Nameless King, who can assume is Faraam, a god of war. Looking closely at Lothric Castle in particular we can notice lion motifs hidden everywhere in the architecture. Since the Nameless King got shafted in history, it could be said that Lothric was once the Nameless Kings kingdom, until he sided with the dragons, leaving behind the dragonslayer knight gear and his dragon slaying armor. Gywnevere then assumed the castle most likely, then Lothric took over, hence why the lands are called Lothric, but was once the kingdom of the Nameless King.
There can be more than one war god. Also, Nameless King has nothing to do with any of this and it's just people's headcanon's running wild.
but NK has a completely different armor compared to the DS2 Faraam Set
I think Faraam is just a minor diety of war that left Anor Londo and had something to do with founding Forossa or something