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By Anonymous
I just compete the twin Bazelguze mission and I have iceborne. What do I do next apart from leveling up HR? I am at 34HR now. Appreciate a lil help.
By Anedime
Move on to iceborne, there's no reason to stick to high rank if you have iceborne since doing iceborne missions, on top of giving you materials for better gear, will also level your HR along with your MR, so there's no reason not to move on.
By Anonymous
But would he have suitable gear to move on to master rank?
By Anonymous
hello i would like it if you made a pukei pukei balloon like the paolumu pendant because pukei pukei is my favorite monster and i want a floaty thing like the paolumu pendant thank you
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By rougeric87
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By Anonymous
and mhw is not updated any more