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oh man its currently still high time 2020 with the virus and **** and this post is my most hated thing to happen this year
All coins are pointless, in case you didn’t know. Their only use is to feed them to a character for a few souls. My guess as to why they were put into the game is so that could be used by the community as currency. This obviously never happened. I just drop them one at a time in spots where other players might be. So they can possibly spawn drift items and vagrants.


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It would made more sense if it was possible to convert your souls to coins.
A pointless item would be an item that has no usage at all. You can trade them for souls and therefore they are useful (if somewhat lackluster.) Have a downvote.
If you only get one per playthrough from Petrus and store them in your box, you can use it as a way to tell which NG+ you are on.
I'd rather pick up the zweihander for that
I'd rather pick up the zweihander for that
May you find their worth in the waking world.