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By Anonymous
Dude, the Black Knight Greatsword finally became the undisputed best weapon in this game. I'm so proud :')
By Anonymous
bring back wands from demon souls best looking magic catalyst
By Anonymous
yes brng back wands please
By Anonymous
Personally, Weapon Name is my favorite.
By Anonymous
I disagree. Weapon Name is obviously the best.
By Anonymous
for me its weapon name, it scales a lot better w/ stat name
By Anonymous
The Moonlight.. PAN?!?
By Anonymous
Spoiler alert. The "weapon name" issssssssssssss.........


I mean like, what else do you expect? Why would From create more weapons when you already have the one, the only, ultimate scrubs slayer that is called pkcs. Damnnn, I can't wait to own more trash casuls with it.
By Anonymous
Glad you're back.
By Anonymous
and you are the type of person that set people off from these games. toxic *******s who seek to ruin new players time because you get high of the feeling that you are better then them at a game where no one cares how good you are
By Anonymous
I missed you buddy <3

I really hope Elden Ring has a weapon similar to pkcs but that deals actual damage. The wa and Moveset on pkcs is insanely cool but the sword is awful
By Anonymous

like the Pontiff Knight "R1-spam-like-a-madman" Sword?
By Anonymous
Welcome back.. we missed you.
By Anonymous
weapon name is just to op
By Anonymous
Love using some of my favourite weapons like Weapon Name or even sometimes Weapon Name, really enjoyable using Weapon Name for Boss Name
By Anonymous
i hope they'll add even more weapons categories
By Anonymous
Oh no, i used to cheese hodair using it
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