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By Anonymous
I wish From add more Asian armaments to the game like REAL Wakizashi (not a f**king disguised Tanto we have right now), Nodachi, Bo Staff, Tonfa, Guandao, Karambit, REAL Kris (not a f**king Kris-looking dagger we have right now), Butterfly Sword etc.
By Anonymous
Based gaijin
By Anonymous
We need some actual celtic stuff in the game for a change instead of everything being reskinned japanese lore. The weebs already have Sekiro and one million other samurai games out there.
By Anonymous
just equip your katana you stinky dork
By Anonymous
I hope they put a elden blicky in dlc, there's some critters i need to talk with
By Anonymous
I wish they could add a new weapon class in a dlc like nodachis
By Anonymous
like the washingpole already in the game?? and I dont think theyve ever added a new weapon class. So, weeb.
By Anonymous
Other reply is being rude for no reason
By Anonymous
Washingpole is just a dumb long katana, but nodachi is a katana in greatsword form, they're totally different. I know I shouldn't expect for someone who're here just to name-calling other people weeb, but aren't we all weeb as we're playing a Japanese game that based on European medieval?
By Anonymous
>and i dont think theyve ever added a new weapon class
>twin blades
>heavy thrusting swords
>great lances
>collossal weapons
No, definitely never added new weapon classes.
By Anonymous
Twinblades arent new tho, and grand lances were technically pikes in dark souls 3
By Shitposter
Only casuls use weapons, real men use armour pieces such as gauntlets to fight with
By Anonymous
Elemer the Briar wants to know your location
By Anonymous
how many somber and normal ancient dragon smithing stones would you need to upgrade all weapons, shields, staffs etc? Im curious but lazy :(
By Anonymous
Since nobody replied I did it myself and its 239 normal and 135 somber, if you had 1 of everything. Feel free to correct any mistakes.
By Anonymous
looks like you where not lazy then also you cant upgrade meteoric staff
By Anonymous
Remeber when everyone was in entitled mode about how From wasn't allowed to "nerf" stuff if it only hurt the single-player experience? Good times.
By Anonymous
So, which weapons do you, the reader, think are the rarest to get?

Personally, I'd say the Magma Blades, Envoys Great horn, and the Gelmir Glintstone Staff are definitely up there in rarity.
By Anonymous
All the celebrant weapons, drop rates are low asf only redeeming factor is they're close to the grace but even then you have to take into account all the armor drops from said enemies and they all have de same drop rate as the weapons. PAIN.
By Anonymous
I think the most rare weapon in the game is the nobles estoc
By Anonymous
Celebrant's sickle made me kill A LOT of women
By Anonymous
Ribrake is probably the absolute rarest because it is unlikely to happen incidentally and few people would farm for it
By Anonymous
Ds3 weapon arts being unchangeable ensured every weapon had its own identity in some way, shape or form, barring some exceptions. On top of this, every weapon had unique mechanical depth, in all of its miscellaneous facets: even something as basic in moveset as katanas had a special identity between all of them.

Uchi was the old reliable and acted as a baseline for the others.

Darkdrift had its shield pierce and weapon art, alongside being a buffable special weapon like the Bloodhound's fang.

Washing pole had its amazing range in return for no R1-R1 combo.

Chaos Blade had massive base damage, but ticked your own health away as you inflicted damage.

Black Blade was short range, high power, alongside unique r1s as a small aside.

Onikiri and Ubidachi was all about a strong flow, with high damage combos and a surprisingly poise-heavy weapon art that had headshot properties, in return for the general stamina costs a dual weapon demanded from you.

Bloodlust acted as a sidegrade to the Chaos Blade, which cost an initial burst of health with its weapon art for a powerful boost in damage.

And Frayed Blade acted as your last katana, going max weeb with its weapon art(in a good way!) And being one of the few weapons in ds3 that could feasibly proc bleed.

Compare that to elden ring, where:

Uchi lasts you till nagakiba.

Nagakiba is L2 spam.

Rivers is L2 spam.

Moonveil is L2 spam.

Hand of Malenia is L2 spam.

Meteoric ore blade is R2 spam. Hey, something special there, I guess.

And dragonscale blade + serpentbone blade are swept under the rug and ignored by the majority. Dragonscale Blade is more of a trophy than anything, considering the trouble you had to go through to get it.

Why from
By Anonymous
I can't believe someone is lamenting the fact that more options are available compared to the previous game. What a sad state of affairs.
By Anonymous
joke's on you scrub i just randomly l1/running l1 with dual frost nagas then bhs away, that's three playstyles
By Anonymous
People dislike this yet it is true, From did randomly take away mechanics from a game that is mechanically the exact same as DS3. Some of the weapon arts that have came from DS3 were downgraded.
By Anonymous
Exactly. I have the platinum, but frankly it got boring fast and I can't imagine replaying it like I replay the others.

It SEEMS like there is "more" but really it's less. It makes very little difference which meta weapon you use. They all end up playing the same. The flow and rhythm of using them is exactly the same. You overpower enemies with big flashy middle school style fantasy weapons.
By Anonymous
To Anonymous 14 Feb. Try using cold-infused Twinned Knight Swords with Ice Spear AOW.
By Anonymous
Give me an Int scaling twinblade.
By Anonymous
Put the cold infusion and give it INT affinity problem solved
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