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By DaedricDrake
Having now farmed EVERY single weapon possible. The Celebrant's Rib-Rake was the ABSOLUTE worst to obtain! It has so many mobs that wield it, but I farmed for a total of 4 hours at 200 and obtained 4 Celebrant's Sickles, 9 Celebrant's Cleavers, 10 Festive Hoods, 7 Blue Festive Hoods. 50 Festive Garbs, 9 Blue Festive Garbs, 341 Human Bone Shard, finally got 1 Celebrant's Rib-Rake. The drop rate on this is STUPID LOW. Do yourselves a favor if you got for that weapon... make sure you have something to listen to or watch otherwise you'll go mad
By Anonymous
I tracked how many runes I had when I finished the farm. I started with less than 100k. Ended up with nearly 2 million before getting all of the weapons from them.
By Anonymous
Haha imagine not getting this first try. Absolutely maidenless behavior. Seriously though I had the same experience but on the flaming monks sword or
By Anonymous
i wish theyd add an AK-47
By Anonymous
haha so troo
By Anonymous
hoping for an ump45, myself
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
i agree
By Anonymous
I wish PvPers would stop clogging up the comments of certain weapons with their god awful "if you use this meta build, you maidenless" trash. No one cares.
By Anonymous
This, except only the first 5 words
By Anonymous
If no one cares, why bother on writing this? smh
By Anonymous
I hop the dlc gives us the gravity scythes the T posers are using and the armor to for a better looking gravity build.
By Anonymous
that is the one thing that i want from the dlc.
By Anonymous
100%, surprising that there is a fair few weapons/ spells that npc's/enemies have access to that we straight up cannot get, considering how wide the weapon pool is it's really odd that they left the gravity scythe off the list, that and the sword/gear the Sun realm skeletons have
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Need more funny weapons like pizza cutter or finger
By Anonymous
Anyone else just surprised that there are only NINE "Legendary" armaments you need to collect in order to get the associated achievement? Seems easy-peasy compared to the horror that was Knight's Honor in DS1.
By Anonymous
fr easiest 100% of all of fromsoft even tho its the largest game, weird
By Anonymous
Journey 20. I have 1 of each item(weapons, shields etc) at max lvl. I am at rune lvl 420. I feel nothing. I am become elden ring
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Reading these comments without playing the game would make someone think this game ****ing sucks - do you all actually enjoy playing the game?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
We criticize things we like because we want them to be better. If we didn't like it we wouldn't care and woukd do something else instead
By Anonymous
Stay out of pvp until your Completely done with the game, Look every single thing, Do every single questline, Kill every single thing and explore every little corner and it's the best game you'll ever play, Oh, And experiment alot.
By Anonymous
I do
By Anonymous
Just don't do pvp and the game is great, most of the complaining that's done is just from the people that pvp and while the main game itself isn't perfect and has its flaws it is a pretty fun game to play.
By Anonymous
its great game but the last five bosses unfair
pvp broken
By Anonymous
No, the balance is by far the worst in the series, I'm just here due to the volume of content.
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