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By Anonymous
If you give him all 3 reports, he will give you an item which grants the 'Tireless' passive, which increases stamina regen.
By Anonymous
Interesting to note: Dominic claims to be a human, but is wearing a mask. Masks are supposed to protect against the miasma, but miasma is only stated to affect revenants.
By Anonymous
I think he might be wearing it as a dsguise. Advertising yourself as lunch when everything's gone to hell isn't exactly a good idea.
By Anonymous
But can't revenants smell humans?
By Anonymous
The miasma must affect humans too since if it didn't then they would've left Vein by now. Silva's Gaol of the Mists keeps all living beings inside, as it causes immense pain and negative emotions when breathed in. So Dominic is probably wearing a purifier mask not to stave off frenzy, but rather so he doesn't inhale any mist that will harm him.
By Anonymous
My thoughts exactly.
And I don't think humans can use the purificators since it works with their own corrupted blood but are they immune to miasma ? The first human we met in one of the first area does NOT wear a mask so I would say they are.
That leaves us with 3 options: he's lying (went mad/does not realize he turned) / it's a disguise / it's a dev mistake.
By Anonymous
My guess is that miasma only affects humans at a certain concentration, which would make sense here given that the government building had gone to hell. Besides, like someone else already said, advertising yourself as lunch in a place full of ravenous zombies isn't really a good idea.
By Anonymous
The in game tooltip for the redmists literally says it affects humans and revenants