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I killed all 13 mimics and the symbol of averice hasnt dropped, I re started my darksouls plenty and returned to all mimics after i killed them all to check for the drop. I really want the symbol of averice to farm souls, can anybody drop it for me im on ps4. It would be greatly appreciated


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it is very easy to farm. Outside of Yorm's boss arena, to the left, there are 3 chests, 2 of them close together. Use an undead hunter charm so it hits the 2. Pick up the items. If there is no symbol of avarice hit the mimics with your fistsso they reset, and repeatthe process until you have the symbol of avarice. It usually only takes me 5 to 10 charms to get the symbol, less than 5 minutes.

If you killed all the mimics that's bad for you because you need them alive to farm the item. It can still drop from killing them but it's always safer to just farm them with undead hunter charms since you can do it infinitely until you get the item.