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Hands down best spread gun in the game.
Custom Safi upgrades for max damage: Spread III Recoil Suppressor Attack V Attack V Attack V Spread III is a level 6 upgrade, so you can't have attack VI on the weapon as well.
Bowgun noob here....if you dont mind me asking what mods do you run with that? Just rolled that exact setup on my burstcannon and tbh I'd have never considered recoil suppressor if I didnt see this here...idk much about guns.
I would say Spread III Recoil Suppressor Attack V Attack V Nargacuga Essence with 2 Nargacuga armor pieces is a better setup, having True Spare shot on this thing makes it completely ridiculous.
I'm using Spread III, Recoil Suppressor, Extra Slot III, Attack V, Attack V. It's really good because I can fit in more decos. I dropped Nargacuga because I am good at reload management while attacking monsters.