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By Anonymous
Erdsteel dagger arcane scaling when?
By Anonymous
Sorry I’m getting back into the game after a hiatus. They ever fixed the bug in the catacombs where you open the boss door and you get attacked or try to attack something before the door message disappears you character locks up and can’t do anything other then run? That got me killed a couple of times in my last playthrough
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By Audrey_spino
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That's not a bug, you need to press the confirm button to remove the message window.
By Anonymous
i think they shoot in their on leg with last update.. there were tons of people who liked corpse pile and bloodhound step in offline play like me.. and I just don't want to play it anymore.. I didn't update to 1.06 and I don't think I will in future.. maybe after dlc.. but why punnish offline players for using stuff they like just because some tryhards in online play? how is corpse piller such a problem but moonveil is totaly ok? Idk.. I dissapointed.. I'm glad I was able to reach ng4 before this.. I guess it's time for another game..
By Anonymous
“How is Corpse Piler a problem”

Well there goes your argument.
By Anonymous
Moonveil got nerfed heavily already, now it's RoB's turn. Learn more of the weapon's moveset than L2, it is still very strong.
By Anonymous
Why the bloodhound step thing? Make the game harder for ppl with bad reflexes due to age or no desire to get good who want to play for a casual fun expierence. Just treat PVP and PVE as different modes imo or deal with it
By Anonymous
as you say, "deal with it"
By Anonymous
hes right about having separate stats for pvp. It would make balancing easier.
By Anonymous
They made the game even ****
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I can taste the saltwater.
By Anonymous
Co-op buff;
White Mask Varre’s questline offline completion possible;
Greatsword, Curved Greatsword, Great Hammers and Great Axes buffs;
“Glintstone Pebble” and “Glintstone Dart” stagger nerf
Ash of War: Bloodhound's Step nerf;
Corpse Piler nerf;
Stars of Ruin tracking nerf;
and Opaline Hardtear was actually bugged and not mistranslated, very nice.

Overall really good patch (1.06).
By Anonymous
Has anyone noticed a big drop in the damage done by their spirit summons? After all the hype around Oleg I used his ashes to see for myself, but the damage he was doing was feeble. I would have done a lot more myself with the FP I used to summon him.
It doesn't fit with his reputation as being one best spirit summons, that's what started me thinking maybe Oleg or all spirit ash have had some sort of nerf in the latest update.
By Anonymous
Oleg literally bleeds enemies with his jump attack spam that's where his damage at.
By Anonymous
Did you upgrade him or anything?
By Anonymous
Idk why, but ever since the latest patch (1.05) I'm having problems for my friend to summon me. We share the password, and he uses the finger remedy, but it seems like my sign never shows up in his world. Anyone having same issues?
By Anonymous
I don't know if it's just me but the latest update made the performance on my xbox one a lot better. Much smoother and much higher fps. Thank you fromsoft for optimising.
By Anonymous
I dunno if anyone can confirm this, but my cousin made the observation that spell buffs like Lords Divine Fortification and Lightning Fortification don’t stack now. Also he said apparently Golden Vow and Black Flame Protection also don’t stack.
By Anonymous
���Body��� buffs don���t stack with each other.
By Anonymous
Golden vow and black flame prot never stacked.
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