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By Anonymous
They gave guard counters quite a bit of love in 1.09. It's nice to see.
By Anonymous
Does the guard counter buff speed in 1.09 apply to 2 handing the weapon or just shield counters?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
inescapable frenzy buff? interesting...
By Anonymous
As of patch 1.09 there is a new bug with golden vow (both spell and ash of war), howl of shabriri and flame grant me strenght that makes it so the damage buff doesn't apply to neither sorceries nor incantations even though the spell damage buff still appears in the buffs bar. I write this with the hope that it gets fixed asap.
By Anonymous
Nothing to fix. Working as intended.
By DTPandemonium
(NEW) 1.09 Bug: All spells that buff your damage other than tera magica do not work anymore on spell damage. This includes Golden vow, flame grant me strength and howl of shabriri. There may be more but pretty sure these are the only spells for damage buffs.

You still have the spell buff icon on your hotbar after you use these spells, it just doesn't do anything.
By Anonymous
Plot twist: broken before, now fixed.
By Anonymous
do they not buff specifically spell damage or not buff any damage
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By Hestia
RT update was pointless.

1. Game recommends high-end GPUs but advises 1080p resolution with an fps lock. Condolences to those who have UltraWide monitors.
2. No upscaler.
3. RTAO and RT Shadows only.
3. No GI and no reflections.
By Anonymous
>No GI and no reflections If this is true then what's the point? The two things ray tracing is good for right now is specular reflections and DDGI
By Anonymous
Important difference between Ray Tracing, and RTX.
This update adds Rays to any applicable lighting, your Erdtree Greatshield isn't gonna reflect the entire world.
If you want crazy reflections, wait until RTX Remix comes out and supports Direct3D 12.
By Anonymous
When will Elden Ring natively support UltraWide? I have an Alienware AW3821DW, paid 60 euro for this game and I need to choose between playing online or using a mod, offline, to fully utilize my monitor.

By Anonymous
So when will we het the next patch I want mlre diverse maps in the Coliseum the current ones ate nice and all butbhave gotten rather stale abd the wide open areas allow chesee mage and AOW spam would like some new maps with better cover like ruins and buildings to hide behind please and thank you.
By Anonymous
They have destroyed flame of the redmanes normaly it 2 shots a giant into poise break but now it does nothing they didnt reduce the poise damage they completly removed it after 5 times a giant still doesnt poise break
By Anonymous
That’s the idea. It was broken so it was fixed.
By Anonymous
"It was broken so it was fixed", I think you meant it was "fun so it was removed".
By Anonymous
GREAT, Everyone gets reduced poise damage on greathammers, FoTR, flaming strike AND gravity bolt because of a bunch of whining little bit*ches crying "nerf this! nerf that! nerf everything I personally can't cope with" PVE suffers for the sake of PVP. Again.
By Anonymous
*****ing about people "complaining" (making nuanced arguments fir balance in pvp only) posts a comment full of whining lol.
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