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By Anonymous
Type the color red in chat, I've enabled it again.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
They need to fix the (Network server failed) bug on Xbox so we can play multiplayer
By Anonymous
These stupid ****ing developers need to fix the Xbox glitch NOBODY can play multiplayer and it's already been 3 days
By Anonymous
If you need multiplayer to progress maybe you���re the stupid mother****er??
By Anonymous
you're an idiot! This amazing game is what it is because of the awesome devs working on it. Bugs happen in software releaseses, the magnitude of this game alone warrants an expectations of some day 1 issues. Go cry somewhere else!
By Anonymous
Has anyone figured out how to get password multiplayer working yet?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Got to give it to them, the Day 1 patch was flawless !
By Anonymous
Classic FromSoft.. Their patch notes read like the in-game item lore. Vague and mysterious.
By Anonymous
plz from soft I need arcane scaling
By Anonymous
Should fix the bugs where certain weapons dont scale with some stats or don't scale at all. For example royal greatsword or any eeapon that does mixed damage and scales with arcane.
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