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So, just had a lot of fun playing through Bloodborne with various characters stopping at level 120 for PvE. I decided to put a level limit on myself simply to make the characters more distinct, and then play through as much of the game (and it's NG+ cycles) as I could without leveling. Level 120 was the PvP standard, which made it a good level for builds that had time to complete themselves, while still leaving holes in their ability, which made it a good stop point for even PvE. So I figured I'd come back to DS2 for some of that as well, especially since it has the best NG+ (And less time spent grinding in Chalice Dungeons).

What's the generally accepted PvP level for DS2, then? At what level can a build feel 'complete' while still remaining clearly specialized and distinct from other characters at the same level? I believe it was 150, back in the day, but I could be wrong. Fortunately, unlike Bloodborne I can reset stats, so I don't need to plan an entire build out ahead of time, so I'm fine to just wing it. I plan on playing through with my Sorcerer build with a melee weapon and staff out as my usual gear, and probably go for an early Moonlight Greatsword if I can manage it (or maybe not, Bloodborne spoils you with the best Moonlight Sword, so I might feel a bit let-down there). Lightly armored, highly mobile, quickly adaptable to various ranged as compared to someone who has a shield in their off-hand and switches between melee and staff in their main-hand (though I will keep a light shield ready for off-hand in cases where I need it). I greatly enjoyed that build in the past, and it should be fun to return to it after all these years. But the specifics of that build I can figure out on my own, fine-tuning with a few stat-resets as needed.