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I can imagine that this raid they will release will have another level to it when looking at both the first Safi cutscene and the teaser clip that was released with the Stygian Zinogre trailer. In that clip it had that Ethereal glow everyone thought it would have and it seemed quite deep. In the cutscene it was only briefly but it kind of had it when it looked like it went to a lower floor than the one the investigation ended on. Just speculation though.



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Hey, is there a way to edit the main title of this page? It turns out that "jiiva" isn't capitalized in the armor set. Oops.
This is gonna be fun fighting my first black dragon. Im new to Monster hunter and Im still working my way to this point. I've heard of Fatalis and all the others. I personally thought xeno would never get an adult version. Let alone be classified as a black dragon and to add its getting a 16 player siege?! This battle will be LEGENDARY
Yeah. Lets hope its MP centric mechanics are better implemented as opposed to Leshen and Behemoth.
He's red but I agree with you otherwise.
And White Fatalis is white. Crimson Fatalis is red. Color doesn't make it a black dragon
technically xeno shouldn't have gotten a adult form, capcom *****ed its own story. still love fighting smaugh (safi'jiva) though.
What do you mean it "technically" shouldn't have gotten an adult form? When Xeno first appears, they explicitly call it a newborn and say they have to kill it before it while it's still weak, iirc.
I find the Deep red coloring to be quite interesting considering its larval form as Xeno'jiva. Almost gives it a demonic presence in direct contrast to the "divine" presence.
Mommy, help me! :(
That looks more like a traditional dragon
Look at it in the trailer if it turns into that then it will be one of the most unique designs
The lighting (not lighting) of the bottom layer could just be making it appear black. That's what the cutscene when you find it tells me. Black dragons don't always have to be black. White Fatalis.
What is awesome!
Idk just my theory Xeno : a newborn sapphire star Safi : a red giant star Black phase : a black hole Since there's a space armor coming, well that's my hypothesis
Maybe during the siege it will have grown more and we'll see it with the stars on its wings like we saw in the trailer
You can already see the star pattern on his wings whenever he absorbs energy from the ground and the space armor has nothing to do with him because it is part of the anniversary.
Its red version launches a sapphire star supernova, it ain't a red giant. The guild's new name for it probably says "sapphire" in monster hunter language. Xeno'jiiva is tied to the lore of the sapphire star mentioned in "The Tale of the Five". It's not about the life cycle of any old star. In the reveal cutscene when it goes down to the dark layer the lighting makes it look black, so it may or may not actually shed another layer when it returns. I still think it's part of the black dragon category regardless of its color.
Maybe it is was (Xeno’jiva) a star that was born and is now an adult and is going to make a supernova.



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There is no black safi.
yay lets kill it before it kills us
Leshen-huggers disliking his sage wisdom you know black dragons can end the world individually?
What the heck are these dislikes? Vegans taking over monster Hunter community confirmed ?1!1?!1
I'm sure his fight will most likely be a combination of the kulve taroth siege with fight elements of the behemoth fight. People will have to break parts and do damage to force it to descent further. With each descent his skin will turn more black and his attacks will become more relentless. There will probably be less stalagmites to survive his star attack that will also work as damage check that will probably annihilate the team if not enough damage was done. The gathering hub will need to fight it multiple times to increase the persuit level which reduces the threshold for breaking parts and the damage check until you can finally kill it.
Have you killed him?
I'm still trying to understand the obsession that everyone has with having his scales turn black



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I don't know why you were trying to predict how the battle will go considering you posted this a day after the recon came out and everyone already knew how the fight goes. But there's no black safi. There never was, the screenshot that everyone decided has "black safi" in it was just regular safi on the third layer with brightness turned way down.