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I had to go to the google link to get to this page pls fix the broken link on the main website
On the weapons page, the link to this page has the " " around the word Makoto. That's why it doesn't work. Please fix this, thanks.
This sword is super powerful for new game and can 1 to 2 shot most mobs and can just shred bosses. The lack of parameter bonuses lets you focus of health, endurance, and/or magic without having to worry about it crippling your potential damage output. I hardly ever see the bleed because of how much damage it does. The health drain can be countered by the Regeneration miracle.
Show weiner
Sounds like the sword makes people evil.
I already got this sword in PWWT. Came back in PWWT (fractured) to get the coin and there is an item on the spire again?

I don't have a way to get it back to PWWT so I won't know if it disappears or gives me another sword