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By Anonymous
It's become really hard to use any other hammer for me. I can have so many skills when I don't need to dedicate over half my armor set to handicraft and master's touch just to make my master rank weapon not***** lmao.
By Anonymous
With Handicraft does this go into purple sharpness? Because if it does then OOOOMMMMMGGGGG!!!
By Anonymous
it doesn’t
By Anonymous
grinding mallet only stays purple for like 6-7 hits. i take this one any day over acid glav hammer.
By Anonymous
Now. I really don’t know what to say, except: I hate this hammer. I mean it’s good. But I’ve been waiting for years to get my hands on purple sharpness weapons ad then... A nergi hammer with no affinity and no purp. Yeah. Fine. That’s why I’ve gone to MR100 and beyond. To downgrade my gear.
It is nice not to have to equip a handicraft charm and the Kushala Cista ß.
But the last stand will make Kushala Cista ß obsolete either way, with Handicraft V. So whats the takeaway?
I’m going to return to my Dawning tranquility, Alatreon Metamorph, Demonlord Sledge and all the other cool and good looking hammers.
This hammer is both a lazy reskin and a disapointment.