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By Anonymous
The link to the demons souls if broken when you go into Equipment
By Anonymous
Put pictures I’m to lazy
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
thank you lads
By Anonymous
bruh where is king allant from under the nexus and why cant i find vangurd demon ost remake
By Anonymous
Someone finally posted the Vanguard ost along with Adjudicator ost and Old Hero ost.
By Anedime
Those boss artworks be jank af tho
By Anonymous
You have bad taste.
By Anonymous
Guess what, guys! I'm not an anon anymore!
By Anonymous
Congrats? lol
By Anonymous
Hi anon, Im anon.
By Anonymous
I'm OP and I just shat my pants.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
why the enimies harder than bosses in this
By Anonymous
Bosses ranked from easiest to hardest. Old King Allant. Storm King. Penetrator. Old Hero. Dirty Colossus. True King Allant. Dragon God. Maiden Astrea. Flamelurker. Old Monk. Maneaters. Adjudicator. Tower Knight. Fool’s Idol. Leechmonger. Armor Spider. Phalanx. Vanguard
By Anonymous
You're wrong. For a more accurate assessment it should be from hardest to easiest based on your boss order.
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blud had trouble with phalanx????