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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This is quite the ignorant comment as it pairs perfectly with the supremacy ring in keeping your ho maxed for the damage buff.
By Anonymous
Useless indeed, lol @ other comment, The garbage item pairs with a great item that's great literally all on its own if you know what a *****ing health potion is lolol. Ight anon, im sure you think cuz it took a lot to get its good, sad. Sage ring is all i gotta say, kek
By Anonymous
Far from useless, this amulet is actually fantastic. Can be used in any build - add Flicker Cloak if you want for a safety net on sustained DPS builds - but works really well with heavy-hitting low ROF weapons to give you instant health - combine with Ring of Supremacy and Empowering Loop for major impact. My current favourite build is Hunter Pistol + Swarm, Particle Accelerator, Riven, Hunter Set and those three pieces of jewellery. Also works wonderfully on a Slayer set build (Sporebloom is super fun for map clears). BANG.
By Anonymous
Lol @ Riven, if you stack all lifesteal and healing you can call literally anything fantastic. I can wear twisted gear and claim its op cuz i can't die. Sacing attack for lifesteal is pointless. Do less damage so you can heal the damage you take?...you realize that leads to slowing kill times meaning more damage taken. Your fantastic build is only good when you are bad and take damage. Fukin pointlesss.
By Anonymous
I killed Dreamer/Nightmare on hardcore and did not get anything.
By Anonymous
Hard difficulty =/= Hardcore mode
By Anonymous
same nightmare right? i i also killed some bosses and did not get weapon drops
By Anonymous
It was great until they nerfed it with the last update
By Anonymous
I longed this item so much and now that i have it i just discovered that Is a piece of junk.. i don't know if it's because has been nerfed but the heal Is ridicolously low even critting on a weak spot with Slayer set 1shot gun like crossbow or sniper...and you can't even heal with dragon Seal. I mean seriously? What the ***** is your problem mr developer? Nerf my ***
By Anonymous
You have 100 HP Baselife without Perks. A Shotgun Maxed does what 300 Damage? 2% means you get 6 Life.
With Weapons that deadl less then 50 Damage idk if they even heal you at all or if it is capped at 1 OR you get healed less then 1 hp at a time.
By Anonymous
So i get consitent Weakspot crits of 2815 with my build, if the enemy has a weakspot, and normal crits of a 1000, than means 20 to 56 heal, thats around 13 to 37% of your HP
By Anonymous
Looks like you dont understand what "Base damage" means.
By Anonymous
Just beat Nightmare on normal difficulty, using a hardcore character, and this amulet did not drop. In fact, none of these special hardcore items seem to be dropping on PC even when youre playing as a hardcore character. This wiki seems wildly incorrect.
By Anonymous
Your problem is that your on PC
By Anonymous
i got everything on first try - hardcore normal
By Anonymous
Using Nightmare Spiral with the perk Triage will grant you 6% life leech. I use this in conjunction with the slayer set, Lv 20 crossbow (Hot Shot), Lv 20 Hunter's pistol (Song of Swords), Empowering loop, and Ring of Balance. With all buffs up, I get plus %120 damage bonus on crossbow, so typically, I get back 45 hp per hit. The average HP bar with full vigor only has 150 hp, so you get your hp back in 3-4 shots. Use the Frenzy Dust consumable before a tough fight to replace the Gunslinger's Charm.
By Anonymous
For dealing with ads (or when roaming before a boss fight) use the Ricochet Rifle and Hot shot, life leech works wonders with your setup and nightmare spiral
By Anonymous
Aight since everyone here misunderstand this thing.

Equip letos armor, put on this amulet, then alchemist jewel and whatever else you want or a dmg reduce ring.


Srry i might have lost some screws at the end there.
By Anonymous
6% lifesteal and no dragon hearts or potions on tank build that doesn't deal much damage?
you realize if you're that tanky you can just heal normally and nothing can stop you, right?
By Anonymous
give me twisted idol for 30% more armor and fat roll, a health potion heals for far more than this thing and isn't tied to the damage you deal
By Anonymous
Make a vampiric tank

Letos armour all 3 pieces
Terror margin
Bloodletters insignia
Alchemists jewel

Submachine gun with fan of knives
Scar of the jungle god

Enough said
By Anonymous
I’m adding to a summoner build with the soul bond ring with the skulls and turrets. I’ll be unkillable
By Anonymous
Final boss hardcore reward is cool, but also its outclassed by a health potion available at sl 1
I took it off, i'd rather have no amulet to start than this thing