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Ebony Odogaron: "Who are you!?!" Stygian Zinogre: "Im you, but stronger."
I don't know myself, but is Stygian Zinogre generally an invader? I know they generally like colder environments, but do they also wander into other locales I ask because from what I could tell of where we saw it fight int he trailer, we may get a Hoarfrost zone for Guiding Lands, where he would likely be the level 4 or 6 monster. But if he's an Invader, he would show up in other zones that are levelled like Rajang did when he was introduced.
He might be a Multi-Locale monster, but not an invader like the Pickle or the B-52 is I think
Does anyone know for sure if we are getting the new elder dragon in this update?
We are
Does Stygian Zinogre destroy your armor? I heard from a friend who played the older games that it destroyed armor after each hit. Is this true?
Im gonna guess that its false. My friend lied to me.


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No, it doesn't.
Thank you for telling me kind sir. Now I know my friend definitely lied to me. Even though I've had to carry them through the entire game.
This is not Dark Souls.
Your bud’s full of***** mate
What is the ??? Material to rank up r11 weapons to r12?
You need to get materials from the tempered stygian zinogre that spawns in the hoarfrost region level 7
If you're wondering how to upgrade the weapons from r11 to r12 you need to get materials from the tempered stygian zinogre that spawns in the hoarfrost region on level 7
Is there a certain mr I need to be at to unlock his quest intro?
nah just beat the story and the seeker should call you
Is it after the Shara fight? or after your fight with ruiner at mr 100
You'll get the Zinogre and Rajang quests after defeating Shara
To see this monster you need access to the Guiding Lands (that's the only MR requirement), and you need to unlock the volcanic region before this one becomes available.
It should be known as the Dragon Wolf Wyvern
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