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Do we still get the rewards if we beat world bosses in adventure mode?
Yes we do. I got three rings before doing story mode.
Yes, you can get the first 3 rings. You must complete the story to get the rest.
Managed to finish full campaign in around 5 and a half hours today, I highly reccomend starting out an adventure and using the analyzer to get claviger for his particle accelerator, after that you can wipe the campaign very easily by staying at the minimum lvl for each dungeon. Dont forget to make a copy of your save file if you're not confident in doing it without dying so you can backup incase of anything.
This legitimately feels like a cop-out for what Hardcore actually is. If you're going to play a perma-death mode actually play it with Perma-death xD
Some people dont have the skill, besides i wouldn't have to backup my save if they didnt make HC exclusive loot drops that cannbe added to my Non-HC characters.
Backing up save data periodically is a great way to have a contingency plan. For me, it's preferable to playing 80% of the game and having to start all over. Rule number 1: save a lot. Maybe it's the coward's way but I'm just doing it for the rewards, not the respect of others.
Backing up save data periodically is a great way to play HC mode but not play HC mode. What even good are the rewards if you can't bother to get good enough to play the game? lol
They're totally icing items anyway, to feel like you've gotten something worthwhile, but Survival BoAs are waaay better. And you can snipe the good BoAs via Adventure.
Why not use cheats at that point, just for convenience? The whole point is to have a challenge, not remove the challenge so you don't feel excluded.
I didn't plan on doing HC, but once you've done everything else including Nightmare Mode, it's the next logical step. Here we go!
Account bound items make it worthwhile, and if you've played Nightmare mode then Hardcore shouldn't be too bad if you play it safe.
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Some tips I've learned are... Avoid doing bosses until you are able to get all the 60 minute consumables. Don't upgrade your gear unless you have to. farm as much as you can. remember to get the submachine gun and grind earth first until you get the sage ring for experience. There is that dlc with the backpack with three elixirs of enlightenment and some scrap. Which is nice.


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I've also learned that the drifter armor set / submachine gun is incredibly nice to start with because it makes up for the horrible lack of stamina that I took for granted. Plus it has a nice amount of armor. Ultimately causing me to die a few times because I did not have the stamina to get away from those vicious volleyballs when a special comes around. The pocket watch also makes a nice alternative. Together, you too can roll away forever. For traits... I just can't do speed runs and I'm too clumsy so I'm going to grind until I max out health. Then bark skin. Then melee and ranged reduction. If ya run through earth enough you could get two tanky sets. Leto's and Twisted. Both OP on normal difficulty.


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Last bit of advice : I have since learned that if you don't upgrade any of your gear, you can run any number of adventures without having to upgrade any of it. In case that's wrong though, always make sure to check the "rating vs zone" if there are red arrows pointing down, it means your gear is too low for the zone. As for the campaign itself... You will be required to upgrade your gear after helping the root mother. When you can upgrade your dragon hearts, it raises the minimum level requirement. The hunting rifle is really nice to start with. Starting as a hunter may be more ideal than as a cultist just because generating mod power isn't as necessary when you can max out your mods on the way to the next boss. The shadow walker ability makes it easy to go through a dungeon without pulling too much/ I had to at least go to yaesha for the swiftness trait and wolf ring to increase movemen speed. I


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And... Now that I have all of the items, I've decided to make a new character. Looking at it all, I am really curious to try out the bandit armor set with "empowering loop" and "Provisioner ring" so that I'd never have to reload. Would just have to work on getting that "sleight of hand" trait. With the nightmare spiral... Another alternative with the nightmare spiral is the akari set with the akari ring... Or even the twisted armor set. It only reduces how much consumables heal. (dragon heart and blood) Everything else would still be fine.
Do you get anything if you beat hardcore on nightmare?


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No, not that i know of.
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This post needs to say you get the Empowering Loop from the Unclean One fight as well.
Empowering Loop: Defeat Ixillis on Hardcore Mode.
Did you really get Empowering Loop from the Unclean One? Hmmm


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Just to clarify: Unclean One will get you Empowering Loop only in Adventure mode HC, where he's the one of two random bosses, others are Ixillises
On HC The Ravager Alt Kill is a kill give me the ring or I must fight with the wolf?
Did the AT yesterday, it gave me the ring :)
Just beat the game on Normal difficulty, using a hardcore character, and did not get a single one of the hardcore mode specific drops. Game seems to bugged, or this wiki is incorrect.
Yes it does work I got them all. So idk if your just bs or what but ya if you play on hardcore and beat said bosses then yes you will get those items
Not sure what you did wrong. Did you have any invalid exits?
Beat Normal HC in 6+ hours (hadn't played the game in months, but was able to clear it in one attempt w/ relative ease). Tips:
Archetype: Ex-Cultist. By far and a way best starter traits. Buy the armor/weapons/mods from the other archetypes at the vendor.
Weapons: Repeater Pistol, Hunting Rifle, Hero's Sword. Basically starter gear. Replace Hero's Sword w/ whatever, I had it at level 1 the entire game.
Armor: Cultist Hat, Scrapper Bodyplate, Void Greaves. Before I had Void Greaves I used Hunter Pants. Scrapper is more or less indispensible. Damage and defense buff with only one piece. Void is just flat out amazing, but use your best gear available.
Accessories: Pocket Watch, Spirit Stone, Provisioner Ring. Before Spirit Stone/Provisioner I used whatever my best rings were. Use your best rings, but Pocket Watch is HIGHLY recommended.
Mods: Mender's Aura (on Repeater), Stormcaller (on Hunting Rifle). Mender's whenever you want to heal and not use a Dragonheart. Also when you need/want to tank something. Before Stormcaller I used Hunter's Mark. Hunter's was just for DPS, but there are a lot of strong options. Stormcaller flat out broke the game for me. I made my entire build around this. If you run Yaesha on Adventure and get this to drop, the entire HC will feel VERY easy. It's a fantastic board clear and defensive buff. Be mindful of bosses that are never in melee range though, and use a different mod.
Trait Points: Health > Mod > Crit. Final trait level was 69. Health is the only one that is really important, do whatever you think makes sense with your other trait points. I buffed Mod for Stormcaller, otherwise I'd go DPS/Survival traits.
Don't bother grinding. It's rare that the hours of trait farming will have significant impact on the outcome of a boss fight.
Each zone has one piece of equipment, and on occasion a trait book. Outside of those items, try to beeline to the exit, killing as you move along. No need to take on extra risk/fights.
The max level necessary for gear is 11. Never go past this. Before every boss fight check your gear level relative to the boss. If you have downward red arrows, go back to base and level up your gear until it turns into grey diamonds.
Most of all, have fun! This is supposed to feel like a challenge, and with the exception of Provisioner Ring, the reward items aren't worth stressing over.
All good except one little thing, A Very Good Boy is account wide, if you pet the dog it gives you an invisible health regen buff(no icon indicating duration) use that instead of menders. Also, the dog is a hard carry on most fights does good damage.