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Maeda Toshiie
I wish they would bring back the living weapon mechanic in any way, shape or form in the dlc’s. Also a new yokai shift form. For the three demonic forms we already have, each have their own element: Brute is fire, Feral is ice/water and Phantom is corruption. I would like one form that has lightning as its main element, and that it would wield like six swords like Ashura. I cannot wait to see what the expansions have in store for us, all I know is that those three seperate scenes in the cutscene after beating the final boss have something to do with it. Especially the third one, which shows US, the protagonist, to have been no one else but Sakanoue no Tamuramaro aka The First Samurai in a previous life. All and all, this is just a shoutout of my wishlist for potential things to come to a game I already love so much. I’m very excited, and would love to hear your wishes and theories regarding the story as well.
I agree with your statement. New forms and maybe new weapons. I love the upgrade system along w the classic level up element from the 1st game. Absolutely great game to have. Working on level 185 and climbing! lol!



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I think they confirmed that we're getting two new weapon types in the DLCs, just like the first game.

As for new Shift Form, YES PLEASE. That sounds amazing!
Allright, I’m just gonna say this outright; ALL HUMANOID BOSSES DROP THE SMITHING TEXT FOR THEIR OWN WEAPON AND ARMOR, THIS ALSO COUNTS FOR HUMANS TURNED YOKAI. To many times have I seen people say “omg he dropped the blueprint for the armorset he always wears”, isn’t it a given? Who else could possibly drop a blueprint for an armorset for a completely different boss? Now I know that some smithing texts are only aquiered as rewards for specific missions. But seriously, its not that hard to figure out alright? If you want or need the blueprints for a specific armorset or weapon, just farm the boss who uses these. Most smithing-texts are dropped at random, though others are only droppen by very specific enimies or bosses. If you need more information on smithing-texts, go check out the wiki.fextralife page on those. I’m not trying to be antagonistic but I’m just hoping people would get the obvious.
Thanks dad
Thats weirdly atagonistic for someone who claimes he‘s not trying to be atagonistic
The comments below you are salty af, probably cause it refers to them as well
Who’s the most annoying, most powerful boss in the game? ...RnGezus...
Omg the boss that took the most tries was Maede Toshiie for me, lol. And then Tokichiro (first form). All humanoid bosses were always so difficult, but Yokai were easy (still took several tries of course). I also enjoy fighting Yokai because of their sick designs.
O T A K E M A R U, of course. The most powerful Demon Yokai of Japanese mythology.
Missing a Giant Toad
Giant Toad is a boss from the Darkness in the Capital DLC. Nue also reappears there as well.
Ryu Hyabusa is also in that expansion as a boss.
Missing ren Hayabusa
missing the entire 3rd dlc?
am i tryhard i bet all the bosses
the one that was hard to me was white tiger