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so when I went to check the difference on a huge hammer and a zweihander it didn't make any damage difference on the hammer and lowered the overall damage of the zweihander the scale bonus doesn't make a big enough difference to make this one worth using. both of these were with the atlas blood code with strength and dex boost passives.
I know. A lot of the transformation upgrades seem useless because they end up either lowering base damage too much or completely nuke the scaling, leaving you with a weapon that would end up worse than if you just did nothing to it. The only ones that seem to be worth using out of the 'physical' damage upgrades are Alleviation and Fortification. The elemental ones kinda suck too, why would I bother permanently reducing my weapon's base damage in exchange for 50 points of elemental when I could just run one of the elemental gifts instead? Maybe Intensification might be worth using on a weapon that has low base damage already, but reasonable stat scaling? I'm probably never going to bother finding out though. Why bother when Fortification is just better in most circumstances?
once you get over a certain level its a damage gain in almost every case