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By Anonymous
Buy the real question, how do i check my current faction relations? Is there a menu? If not hopfuly a future patch adds one
By Lim-Dul
Open the Character panel and select the Reputation subscreen. Everything is listed there in detail. :)
By Anonymous
There's literally an entire tab in the character section explaining all the information you'll ever need and more
By Anonymous
Say if I pick a fight with one of these factions, will another faction be hostile to me (allied to the one I attacked)?
By Anonymous
"The Iconoclasts are a group of survivalists living in the ruins of Amber Heights on *Monarch*" Minor typo.
By Anonymous
Auntie Cleo's should direct to https://theouterworlds.wiki.fextralife.com/Auntie+Cleo rather than https://theouterworlds.wiki.fextralife.com/Auntie+Cleo's as only one has actual data on the page.