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By Anonymous
Playing this game in melee range..in survival mode..good luck..I didnt expect the editors to consider this the best one in the game..
By Anonymous
Full melee build with this hammer,I'm lvl 20 and this hammer power attacks for 4k dmg per hit aoe medium range . Yes it's the best
By Anonymous
I find it trivial, actually. Take +3 strength, dex, temperance, with -1 intelligence, perception, charm. Tag Melee and tech, then just pump science to 100. Take the TTD perks in the first tier, along with extra health and sprint speed. Take the TTD/health restoration perks in the second tier. +50% science weapon damage is also great. In combat, don't bother sneaking. Go with heavy armor. Just sprint in, enter TTD when in melee range, and go for a status inflict. Maim, blind, cripple, whatever. This will stun the target for a bit, exit TTD. hit them normally and repeat. You'll get some cover from the enemy you're killing, as long as you try to be on the correct side of it. You end up doing tons of damage with a lot of survivability for pretty minimum point investment. Sure you burn some extra levels compensating for the negative intelligence and perception, but who wouldn't want to play an idiot savant with a big hammer?
By Anonymous
If you're just using the weapon without a complimenting build, it might not be "the best", but I'd argue no weapon is going to be "the best" if used in a build that doesn't celebrate it.
If you build around it though, the Prismatic Hammer is without a doubt the most overpowered weapon in the game.
I'm level 21 with my current character, playing on Supernova difficulty... and I'm basically a god at this stage.
I'm using TTD perks, movement speed perks, the perks that recover health when you kill or inflict damage, heavy armour and of course the Science related perks.
Invariably, the rate at which I'm able to kill and heal far, far outweighs the rate I take damage.
That's not to mention that (despite my armour and literally no investment in stealth), I can often get close enough to a group of enemies that I'm able to wipe them out before they even get a shot off!
By Anonymous
Aside from the last map in the game, This weapon can kill most enemy in one shot when you are 2-hand melee and science build.
By Anonymous
most fun weapon in the game. make sure you have science stat to 100 tho.
By Anonymous
It is a beautiful hammer, if only its previous owner never touch it.
By Anonymous
2 shot the final boss with this