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Temp Ruiner Nergigante and temp Stygian Zinogre drops great spiritvein gems as well.


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Added them just now. Thanks for contributing.
Where im suppose to beat them, in guiding lands or, investigations quest?
Guiding lands
oh hell no
Funny. When you don't need them they drop en masse. WHEN you need them you get one maybe every three tempered elder kills. FeelsBadMan
Disire sensor is strong in this game
Every three? I did 15 tempered velkhanas and got only 1
I dunno....I was farming for them and just got five from seething bagel. He seems to drop them the most for me with geologist of course. I just blow off all his part with stickies and destroyer 3
You can acquire a lot of those from all the monsters that drop 'em with Geologist skill equipped. Been farming Nami and got 4 Great Spiritvein Gems in a single round and even when things went bad I got at least one gem. Farming without Geologist is a pain in the arse.
Tempered Rajang doesn't drop them. I did him 14-15 times now and haven't gotten one from him yet (with Geology Jewel).
False. I just got one from him. I think it's pretty rare but does happen.
Tempered Rajang as well as Tempered Savage Devil'jho do drop them, you've just been VERY unlucky.
ohhhh.....ohhhhh.....OHHHHH i see now! I have been getting only spiritvein gems from temperd monster because my region level isn't level 7!
Four motherf***ing Elder Dragons and a Savage Deviljho murdered in a row and no Great Spiritvein Gem, RNGesus hates me.
Not sure if you knew, but they have to be tempered
This really seems a bit too random. I got 6-7 Great Spiritvein Gems (2-3 drops, 2 carves, 2 rewards) at once against a Tempered Lunastra the first time (with Geology). I thought Lunastra might give more of them for some reason, slayed 2 more and tried breaking just parts and maybe I got 1-2. The first 4 Tempered Elders I also got only like 2 Great Spiritvein Gems in total.

Though I did get 3 from a captured Tempered Rajang and the occasional one from Tempered Savage Deviljho partbreaks.


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it's rng doing its work, you can get crazy good rng or very bad rng. RNG gods can be very weird sometimes xc