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moi j'ai l'anneau de l'amiral. c'est une anneau doré avec un diamant rosé. merci de le r'ajouté dans la liste afin de la complêter. :)
Are you guys gonna add in the brand new rings from killing the world bosses on hardcore mode?


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I have added two of the rings from hardcode mode :)
Hello! The new info on Hardcore Mode has been added. You can check more about in on the Patch Notes, Emotes, Rings and Amulets!
Grim Coil isn't listed yet
New account bound ring - Loop of Prosperity - Got after killing maybe 50 to 100 bosses in survival? It doubles all metal pickups.
Wow, these new rings are pure *****ing trash. They sound like those stupid "gain 0.01% damage against beasts at night and only after you recover 2.7%HP while looking up and behind a burning tree" bull*****
Found a new ring on Earth: "Gunslinger's Ring" -- the description reads as follows: "Increases Firearm Swap Speed by 50% and Fire Rate by 5%."
New ring "Soul Link" "Summons will steal %5 of the damage dealt and return it to the wearer as health"
Added Ring of the Mantis to the pile of new loot.
There is a Ring in the game called "ring of elusion". I saw it in the labyrinth in the survival mode.