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By Anonymous
Where exactly is he?
By Anonymous
inside edgewater at the church
By Anonymous
He is in the Edgewater church
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By conquerermtm
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You can give your companions a total of 6 perks, but there's a 7th one they get once you complete their particular quests. In Max's case it's TUNED IN. If you don't like it you can even respec your character and give them 7 new perks.
By Anonymous
Tuned In perk gives "Drug Effect Duration +50%"
By Anonymous
But max didn’t go to my ship how do I get him to join my party
By Anonymous
I told him I didn't want him to join my party originally, before I knew there were only 6 companions in the game. Now I can't get the prompt again. Did I miss my chance?
By Anonymous
His quests ending makes no sense. He just changes from one extreme to another
By Anonymous
should put party comments in the trivia section! for example, parvati and max in the part reveals that he has a bad knee. stuff like that
By Anonymous
What? I didn't get any of these endings?
By Anonymous
if you are going to make a wiki for a game, get the basic information right. Vicar Max joined the OSI, not the 051. In the paragraph directly about that glaring error, it is correctly identified as the Office of Scientific Inquiry; 12 words later and you couldn't remember?