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This was not helpful in the slightest
So arena Zinogre and Tiggy's drop em. This guide didn't have the information updated.
This was so very helpful. Never even knew there was a monster named ???. Time to farm! :D
So do you need gold to get this or can you get it just by finishing the quest?
just by clearing the quest you will get 1 100%
Just need to clear it. But its not 100% like the other answer is saying.
Challenge 6 against yian garuga is the easiest to solo farm if you can use charge blade. The set they give you is very decent and yeeting him against the wall gives you more potions.



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I don't understand why these helpful comments are getting down voted.
How to get this? Do i need to score A rank?
No, you just need to clear it. I've cleared Arena Quest 6 (Zinogre) 3 times and gotten 1 coin every time, so in my case i've had 100% droprate. Clear ranks where B, C and C.
Whenever im using this wiki, i always check comment section, because theres where the helpfull info really is
if you only need the coin for weapons try doing the one with two Tigrex. They hurt each other and does good damage. All you need is probably turtle and utilize dragonator and boulders
God, I despise these quests. They all offer you garbage sets to fight ludicrously beefed up monsters that WILL force you into MP. "Let's take a game literally all about fighting monsters for gear AND THEN MAKE IT SO YOU DON'T GET TO USE IT IN THE HARDEST QUESTS IN THE GAME!" I want to punch whoever came up with that.
They're called challenge quests for a reason
They dont seem to be a 100% drop. Just barely did the one with the two Odogaron and didnt get one, then did it again and got one
30 min get 3 coin... RNGsus And a lot hair loss
Dont play them if your not good enough then. Seriously all these noobs crying about how hard and unfair the game is. "Waaaaaah make the game easier!"