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High dmg, but long cast time. Recommeded to cast at the beginning of the boss fight and during the transition to the second phase. It is really ichor efficient for the amount of dmg it deals. \o/ Praise the Queen \o/
I remember when I saw the Queen use this attack I thought "Damn, that looks awesome, I really hope we can do that too" And the game delivered. 10/10
too bad it's not great and it's only 1... also devs tried to buff it but still failed
As of Patch 1.20, All Dark Gifts of the same cost as this one got a massive damage buff to where the difference between this one and other's like Vodnik Mask, Rage of Perkunas, Baba Yaga's Gaze, and Walpurgis Fire is only about 10% in Purging Thorn's favor, and is barely noticeable. The main selling points of this spell as of the time of this comment aside from the looks, are its superior range and tracking. All the above mentioned gifts have faster casting speed and cool-down, and in the case off all except Vodnik Mask, better armor penetration against most enemies since enemies generally have a higher resistance to Blood then most other elements. Still a good gift, but it's not as much of a standout as it used to be.