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By Anonymous
Need 1 kill for pwct

psn: tj13_666
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Need help with PWCT too. PSN Cido_Bio
By Anonymous
Hi guys.

check your privacy settings. Failed to send friend request
By Anonymous
So that means Soul form damage scales with both Character and World tendency?
By Anonymous
Would really appreciate some help with PWCT, as well if anyone doesn't mind. PSN: KrYsUiCiDe
By Anonymous
I need help with PWCT too, will help back as well :)
PSN: Montenogu
By Anonymous
In need of help with PWCT :)
PSN : TheDreadwyrm
By Anonymous
I also need help with pure white character. Of course I'll help back.
PSN: specimen79
By Anonymous
In need of help with pwct
Psn: tahahoumam1996
By Anonymous
Looking for help with character pure white PSN: BF_Ganon. Will help with others progress as well. Available on the
By Anonymous
If possible now or this time in the following days, respond
Psn: tahahoumam1996
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