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By Anonymous
Level 51 need help with pwct

PSN: tosteponheads
By Anonymous
Need help with Pure White Character Tendency.
PSN ID: GangsterNike96
By Anonymous
Satsuki falled to death.
I've killed every other named red phantom with melee.
And I'm not PWCT.
Don't let Satsuki fall.
By Anonymous
Hello , i need help for pure white. We can swap doing.

my id : LadyLara76
By Anonymous
Stil looking?
By Anonymous
If yes add me, nick ToZukas
By Anonymous
Hey. Also need help with character tendency. Id : Redy Cx
By Anonymous
PW PureBladestone

Trading a Pure Bladestone for letting me invade and letting me help killing a boss
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Can someone please help me with getting pure white, will do the same :)
By Anonymous
I'll gladly help if you do so as well
By Anonymous
I would help PSN:
By Anonymous
Hello , i need help for pure white. We can swap doing.

Please add my id : theelseanything
By Anonymous
Hi, I also need help to get to pwct. I would be happy if someone had time to invade using red eye stone. in return, I will of course also help.

By Anonymous
I tried searching for your psn — lots of results come up. Feel free to look me up psn : ilton
By Anonymous
Ha! Just realized my psn is actually ilton45
By Anonymous
Sorry :)
By Anonymous
Would anyone be willing to invade me and help me get from PBCT to PWCT? Last ring I need.
Please add malloylax5
By Anonymous
Hi buddy, we can do tomorrow if you return to.
By Anonymous
If there is someone with a Red Eye Stone needing to go pure white, I would be willing to help them, if they return the favor. PSN: Veldrynus
Offer available for the next day or so.
By Anonymous
I need help going pure white and will in return. I've sent you a friend request
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