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someone need help?I help you and you help me
Yes, give me your psn name
Same, i need help as well getting white character tendency
Niko_Montana90 add me pls
Someone can help me to get pure white? I also can help you. Psn=sharksparta
I can help you so you can help me as well. Psn= disxbxboi817
Is someone able to help me get to pure white character tendency? I can help back. Psn is Andyham1950
ive killed all 5 black phantoms with melee and i dont see an increase in character tendency. do you have to do multiple game cycles in order to reach pure white?
Same issue here. Beat the game twice with no difference, did it with poison cloud too.
Im looking for some help getting to pure white character tendency and I will help back. Psn: relyt2994


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I would appreciate any help with PWCT. I am close, but Scirvir took a dive (prob only need 1 or 2 kills). PSN: msopha...I'll gladly pay it forward.
Need help with pure white
Psn: black_marblez
Can anyone help me get PWCT? I’d help as well (psn = Magma3960)
psn: splatermarco
I need help Pure white tendency, i’ll give help back
hey i also need help, psn: CartopbigP
I need help on pure white too.. any kind souls.. psn: piteh10
Ur account is private cant add u .add me if u need help psn MikeHoncho321
I need help on pure white - please msg ntrocket888
I added you (Magma3960)