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I love how the demon's souls wiki has little bonfire markers on each section, dark souls for life.
Demon souls has bon fires too scrub
Can I kill the same black demon multiple times? I have 54 e Eyes. Killed Selen with cloud. Can I suicide in the area 10 times to get black then go get her again?
don't take my word for it but i'm pretty sure its like dark souls one where if you kill them once they never show up again like red phantoms in other souls esk games. i think they just show up in your world vs you needing to use the eyes so having tons of eyes wouldn't make them show up more once dead.
So basically, achieving pure white character tendency is impossible now that the online is gone, permanently locking players out of certain things, or are you able to get to pure white by going pure black and killing the phantoms?
Please don't spread misinformations, dying in human form does nothing for your character tendency, it only has an effect for world tendency
The comment above was an accident for the wrong comment lol
Welcome Remastered players, let me simplify it for you, to go towards white, help others defeat bosses, summon phantoms and defeat bosses with them, or defeat black phantoms that invade your worlds. to go towards black, invade other players, or die in human form (requiring you to use Emphemeral Eyes each time)

You should have no problem reaching or maintaining pure black & white tendency once you understand the actions needed to reach your desired tendency.
Please don't spread misinformation, dying in human form does nothing for your character tendency, only for world tendency
Yea this is a horrible explanation.
'Let me put it simply' Proceeds to get a huge chunk of information wrong. Nice job man
I did some testing after struggling to find concrete info anywhere online. If you summon a blue phantom and beat a boss you get +7 bonus on northern Regalia. You get 0 if you beat a boss helping a host as a blue phantom.

For the 5 Black Phantoms that give you Character Tendency you get +27 bonus on Northern Regalia for each one killed. So if you are exactly neutral character tendency, your bonus goes from 0 to 135 on Northern Regalia from killing all 5 Black Phantoms putting you exactly at Pure White Character Tendency.