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By Liamconn35
I love how the demon's souls wiki has little bonfire markers on each section, dark souls for life.
By Anonymous
Demon souls has bon fires too scrub
By Anonymous
Can I kill the same black demon multiple times? I have 54 e Eyes. Killed Selen with cloud. Can I suicide in the area 10 times to get black then go get her again?
By Anonymous
don't take my word for it but i'm pretty sure its like dark souls one where if you kill them once they never show up again like red phantoms in other souls esk games. i think they just show up in your world vs you needing to use the eyes so having tons of eyes wouldn't make them show up more once dead.
By Anonymous
So basically, achieving pure white character tendency is impossible now that the online is gone, permanently locking players out of certain things, or are you able to get to pure white by going pure black and killing the phantoms?
By Anonymous
Please don't spread misinformations, dying in human form does nothing for your character tendency, it only has an effect for world tendency
By Anonymous
The comment above was an accident for the wrong comment lol
By Anonymous
I did some testing after struggling to find concrete info anywhere online. If you summon a blue phantom and beat a boss you get +7 bonus on northern Regalia. You get 0 if you beat a boss helping a host as a blue phantom.

For the 5 Black Phantoms that give you Character Tendency you get +27 bonus on Northern Regalia for each one killed. So if you are exactly neutral character tendency, your bonus goes from 0 to 135 on Northern Regalia from killing all 5 Black Phantoms putting you exactly at Pure White Character Tendency.
By Anonymous
Did you kill the black phantoms in soul or body form, does this make a difference?
By Centa
Summary to this whole page:
To Pure White Character Tendency (Assuming you're natural = 0) Kill 5 named black phantoms mentioned in each world OR kill the invader as a host or a blue phantom (for blue phantom you need to deal the final blow) 5 times

To Pure Black Character Tendency (Assuming you're natural = 0) Kill harmless NPCs (DEPENDS! Please check the note below) OR Invade as a black phantom and kill a host 5 times

Character Tendency Scale: (5+ / 4+ / 3+ / 2+ / 1+ / 0 / 1- / 2- / 3- / 4- / 5-)
Positive is White and Negative is Black

Note: Each harmless NPC has a different character tendency changes such as some changes 2 or 3 or 1 toward black therefore I recommend invading because not only you don't have to kill some important NPCs such as merchants in your world, but you will also prevent world tendency changes since invading only affect character tendency once you kill the host.
By Anonymous
Hmm I keep reading you have to kill all 5 named black phantoms to achieve pwct... I've killed 3 and am at pwct
By Anonymous
So just went and talked to the monumental and got the ally ring which you can only get with pwct, again I've only killed 3 named black phantoms.
By Centa
It means you must have killed 2 invaders as a host or a blue phantom killed them for you in your world or you have been summoned as a blue phantom and dealt the final blow to two invaders in someone else's world, the 5 black phantom is an assumption that you didn't do any positive or negative results to your character tendency, as if you stayed natural the whole time.
By Anonymous
Incorrect, I've never put down a blue sign, I play solo, and I always go back to the nexus to kill my self when human form is regained. Never been invaded. Other wise this comment wouldn't even exist. I was neutral, got my demonbrandt and killed the black phantoms in 1-1, 4-1, and 3-1. After the 3rd I had pwct. And just got my northern regalia, 540 equipped damage which I believe is the max. After that I killed 5-2's selene and no change in character tendancy.
By Centa
I have been to all areas except "Tower of Latria" yet in my playthrough, So it could be a bug from the black phantom in 3-1, but If what you're saying is true and there aren't any bugs, then bluepoint's statement about having the same exact world/character tendency system isn't accurate since my info is based on the original game, I will make a reply once I get the black phantom in 3-1, the phantoms I have killed yet are 1-1, 4-1 and 5-2.
By Anonymous
This is what I was thinking, Im just trying to state that for me, for some reason I hit pwct after only killing 3 black phantoms, without killing any invaders or being summoned to another world and helping them. For me this is what happened, for others I don't know weather or not they'll have to kill all 5. But it is worth noting it might be bugged.
By Anonymous
I need help please. I've killed all Black Phantoms but still don't have pure white character tendency. I need someone to invade me and let me kill them. Can also help you with your online trophies in turn. Add me PSN: KenRN3
By Anonymous
I just send you a friend request on PSN: TheShamine
By Anonymous
Can i ask someone for help? I’m on Pure black and Don’t wanna do 2 more runs to get the o white so if anyone could help and I’ll do the same
Ps5: username icepack1234
By Anonymous
Hey I can help if you would be able to help me too. PSN: gk1225
By Anonymous
need help with white character tendency please, will help back. pan:dgreezy15
By Anonymous
I can help you out. Psn username is Andyham1950. Shoot me a message and I'll be able to help out tomorrow night of you can help me too
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