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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Us: man, those gajalaka were cool, but i don’t think we need a chubbier one is ice borne. Capcom: But... what if you can’t eat thema as Tailraiders?OH o th the wiki will have 0 info on them. Everyone else: i’m sold. Me: -_- i’m dead inside and so should whoever thought these “boaboa” were a good idea.
why does it matter what they look like? you want them to ooze blood and wield serrated katanas? you want them to spew rainbows from their mouths and fart confetti? i assure you a large portion of the player base does not care because theyre too busy minmaxing
Jesus both of you need to shut up, christ almighty.
BoaBoa Harpoon - unlock when unity level with boaboa reach lv 3 ( it works just like Gajalaka Shelling Squad but instead of RPG, they use harpoon)
This guy can tank raging branchy, just want to let you know
These guys are pretty annoying sometimes but I still think the Gajalak's are more annoying since they always put me to sleep. Or maybe the Boaboa's don't put hunters to sleep that much?
How do you pronounce Boaboa?
Boa (like the snake) two times in a row
looks like a cat to me chief