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By Anonymous
corpse wheel is a better name
By Anonymous
It's not a wheel though, it's a mass of bodies
By Anonymous
I vote for Meatball
By Anonymous
More like corpse blob
By Anonymous
The animation of the arms swinging looks similar to Mergo's Wet Nurse's
By Anonymous
Well I'll be damned, I hadn't noticed that before.
By Anonymous
Something something Tower of Conviction.
By Anonymous
demon's souls is still in my top 10 games ever but i just need to say what a terrible enemy this is-
>"not recommended to take them on up close", has some of the highest magic and fire defense leaving you no choice but to go in and out cutting away every 10 seconds (unless i've been missing out on a strat for like 13 years)
>sword swings kill stamina with 80% of shields in this game, then proceed to lock you in place for 2-3 hitsbecause of poises nonexistence that might as well kill you on ng+ onwards regardless of armor
and all that for an insultingly low amount of souls too, who approved this?