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this guy Immune to stun
just one-shot this beast with 30k damage, who's the real berserker now?! can i one shot every normal boss in this game with my hyper mode build?! only one way to find out!
You're gonna have to cum inside me.
you can cheese this boss by stun-lock him with backstab
One of the easiest boss. I thought it was hard initially, then I realize I could just wait and parry every single one of his attacks...
Translation: "He was easy once I starting cheesing like a skrub"
How is parrying 'cheesing'? You literal buffoon. You massive idiot.
Spamming parries instead of straight up fighting him is a total ***** move lmao and saying he's easy just because you're spamming him is just pathetic. And I believe the 11 people that downvoted you would agree with me. Parrying is broken in this game. Actually git gud skrub.
the annoying thing about this boss fight is not the fight itself but the path to it, I can take dying several times to get used to a boss' pattern but having to go through 4 of those teleporting chicks just to challenge it again is a massive pain
After getting lost for 10 hours in the Cathedral prior to that fight, you should be able to parry those teleporting attacks in your sleep. I sure can. Send help.
it was annoying but not impossible, I don't rely on parrying as some micro stutter happens when a mob uses flashy attacks so I'd rather block everything or spam dodge like my life depends on it. Before NG+ I can just blast them with a roar or other similar gifts before a fight ensues but it's different when 1 shoting them's no longer an option. Coupled that you can't use a back door to get a drop on the aforementioned teleporting mobs(you can on one but that still leaves 3 out of the 4 of them) and that previous boss fights don't require you to engage mobs between the boss room and the mistle(I tried using camouflage but I still get targeted), this section of the game is just quite an annoyance. it would've helped if they put the mistle outside the boss room instead of after it but hey, I'm just a normie that barely played any of the soulsborne titles.
My thoughts exactly. Those guys are a pain in the ***, ****, balls, AND butthole.
Its not a wolf, its a knight!