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I recommend using Zweihander, make it +10 and put atlas chrome on it that way when you block, 90% of his attacks do 0 dmg, get passive gifts that enchance how much ichor you get from blocking and enchance stamian regen, that way you can block for days and get ichor and stamina regen while doing so. anyways find the low cost ichor gifts that are quick cast and do a lot of dmg, block most of his attacks (get drain up gift if needed) evade the ones you can block (big animations that one shot you) then pick any blood code that has high ichor amount and lets you use 100+ wight weapon with normal mobility (etc isis) took me a few tries but it worked pretty well, usually you can get a basic or two before blocks but often it is a waste since blocking will let you spam ichor attacks and not use stamina.
He can still 1 shot you through block with his buffed up leap attack. Going 2H in this fight is not advisable as it's best to dodge and be able to hit him with a fast weapon without getting tagged by his incoming attacks.
Im from Darksouls damn it, I'll be *****ing using my Zweihander because i'm a stubborn *** who likes swinging weapons 3 times the size of my character, go away with your 1h swords and bayonets dexfag, props to you halberd folk, some pretty awesome builds in that weapon type
This fight is fun, however the constant spamming of his AOE attack really makes the fight unnecessarily difficult for melee attacks. For example on PS4 the targeting system in the game will basically force you under him in order to make any contact worth any real damage but the moment it does he will spam his blue AOE that has a ridiculously wide range to escape from. Hope they nerf this in an update to make the combat with this boss more fluid than just spending a majority of the time trying to dodge his AOE, and then heal.
Wrong boss buddy, you're thinking of the Virgin Born (the boss after this guy).
best boss in this game as solo from easy to difficult, perfect phases
He's a joke until you hit the last threshold then he'll litteraly kill everything within mid range. All in all an extremly fun fight
He wasn't fun at all , rather annoying. I went in with a 2H build and barely got any windows of opportunity to land a blow on him because of him constantly combo spamming.
If you managed to deal with Gilded Hunter with that build, then Skull King is a walk in the park. Bonus point for using the 2H attack Gift from one of Queen cores (the one where the weapon is spun around the character telekinetically), because it completely shreds the next phase.
The Spin to win from the Atlas code can be spammed with the Tele blade as well for extra dps
For real?
i bet the production meeting about io's breasts was longer than the meeting for the boss fight mechanics, 90% are cheap and unimaginative.
But they all play well together, at his core Skull King is a pure melee fighter, thus his phases expand on this as he slowly gets stronger and stronger, in 3rd phase you need to change your rolling style if you've been back dodging due to the increased range. while it is simply it all plays well with each other and adds more variables to the fight as a whole, also back to the pure melee bit, if he gained spells, any form of magic, or various AOE attacks, it wouldn't make since, the only spells that'd make since for this fight would be mobility like shifting hollow or various elemental damage buffs
Time well spent, I approve.
I disagree, man. It's a very challenging boss and is an absolute skill check for an endgame boss. The only complaint I honestly can say I have about this boss is that the weapons curving around him, landing next to you and still hitting you is absolute bs. Terrible hitboxes. Secondly, his hit stagger is honestly the absolute worst thing about him. The hit stagger got me killed like 4 times. Beat him on the 5th, but I feel like I woulda had it a bit sooner.
Maria and Sif did the fusion dance
This and cannoneer/bb both have the same problem of attacks that have visual effects so huge that it’s hard to tell what is even hitting you.


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Crush: 948/1170 => 19% resist ? 1157/1286 => 10% resist ? 1314/1460 => 10% resist ? For some reason the Snowdrift Shanur is doing a lot less damage despite 0 listed elemental damage.
Slash: 1158/1278 => 10% resist ? 1115/1376 => 19% resist ?

And I don't have a weapon to reliably test pierce damage. Looks like damage type isn't going to be a bit factor, but a few weapons randomly lose 10% damage. Make sure your weapon isn't one of those random ones I guess.