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By CarverUpqik
ive actually almost this exact setup before and id say to drop elemental wall for something else it seemed useless most of time since most enemies do physical damage maybe drop it for bloodsucking blades if you have at least a b in willpower or hunting feast (Bloodsucking Blades applies to both you and your partner so its better)
By Anonymous
Elemental Wall + Element Resistance (choose depending on enemy) should be slotted only on certain bosses/areas (Fire in Lava Zone or Frost against the gundam for example) Panacea's a weird one since you're better off just keeping the specific debuff you will meet in the area/boss (slow against executioner for example) which means it's pretty much only useful for a handful of situations. Just put Zeal(wherever's a free slot), Gift Extension(allows you more down-time from buffing) or Cleansing Light+Iron Will(Sustain for Exploration) on 'em instead. Cleansing Light works quite well with Blood Sacrifice so you can cast all the buffs right before a boss fight and still have it on to reduce hits to chip damage. I'd avoid the regeneration and ichor passives you shouldn't need them even if you abuse Blood Sacrifice or get hit too often (see Cleansing Light) try Light Impulse with Guard Drain Up/Savvy Evasion (blocking hits actually charges your focus so that works quite well if you just slap a heavy weapon for it) and with light Impulse you get some more points on buffs that scale with it like Elemental Wall. Also I recommend a single Barrage gift (pick element by boss/area) they're high damage spammable and scale with Mind.
By Anonymous
Blocking also drains Ichor forgot to mention.