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By Anonymous
So, if I understand this correctly, the higher your level = the greater damage your weapon does? So why would anyone want to use IO's blood to enhance their weapon and remove stat scaling? Unless you want to challenge the game by playing at levels 20 and below.
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By Fallenangel700
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Supposedly, the Gifts transformation makes your gifts more powerful. I tried it but got nothing, so I dunno what's up with that one.
By Anonymous
The higher your level, the less "Gift XP" (for lack of a better term - the unseen value represented by the progress bar on each un-mastered, non-code-exclusive Gift) you receive for killing an enemy of a certain level; eventually, once you out-level them beyond a certain degree, enemies in an entire zone stop giving "Gift XP" altogether. Since Gifts in Code Vein are essentially equivalent to the "Perks" you would get on leveling up in other games, raising your core character level (And, with it, HP, Stamina and Base Damage) at every chance can result in becoming severely "underleveled" in terms of the Gifts, your active and passive skills, available for you to use. The best way to master Gifts as quickly as possible is to keep your level at the minimum necessary to survive, as you can always level up, but you can never level down you realize later on that you are way behind on the Gifts you want/need for your build. The non-scaling base damage increasing weapon enchant is a staple of Souls-likes, just the Raw enchant from DS; as long as you meet the minimum stat-grade requirement, you can use the weapon, and, since scaling is a percentage of base damage, if you stay fairly low-level (and/or the weapon simply has bad scaling), dumping the scaling in favor of increased base damage can be a viable option, as the increase in base damage from upgrading a weapon is a percentage of its non-upgraded base damage. I still haven't found myself in a situation where it was superior to all the other enchants, but I could definitely see it being possible (and if not, they need to fix that in a patch), especially if you want to use a weapon type not traditionally suited to your preferred code in terms of scaling. I do wish the game would let us manually level up our stats, though, with the blood codes simply modifying those values - it would almost certainly have resulted in a lot of people accidentally building a useless character, but that is what respeccing if for.
By Anonymous
Doing some experimenting, I found that Mind and Willpower scaling on weapons doesn't work like you'd expect. Mind and Willpower scaling only affect the *magical* attacks from a weapon, which is usually only the charge attack (or the shooting attack for bayonets).
By Anonymous
So, it turns out scaling above S+ does affect your stats. I tested out a build in which I compared the damage of S+ strength + Somatic Zeal(buffs strength and dex) to S strength + Somatic Zeal. So on paper they should do the same right, since they are both S+ and it doesn't actually go above S+ in the stats window. Nope, the build with an invisible SS strength actually did more dmg. So while going above S+ won't show S++ or SS it actually will affect your dmg. Feel free to test it yourself just incase I missed a variable. (Dark Knight. Passives: Strength Up, Strength Dex Up, Strength Vit Up for S+ strength. Remove Strength Up for S strength. Weapon doesn't matter just use same weapon for comparing.)