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By Anonymous
So, can you fight her in-game ? or is it only on that one cutscene ? They hype her up so much during the game, talking about how they fear her revival because she'd go into frenzy and kill everyone etc just so that in the end she actually does'nt revive ?
By JenovasWrath
if she should be the QUEEN, its lore related that she isnt there anymore... you fight her relic successors... she was split in all those relics
By Anonymous
Screw lore reasons, I want an epic fight with her.
By Anonymous
DLCs are coming people. Who knows. After all, there are at least 4 Attendants who dissipated and were NOT turned to ash, just prior to entering Silva's chamber. Plus hints from Dominic.
By Anonymous
Why didn't they make her the final boss either in the player's memory or the end game where supposed she would be revived? It could have been an epic fight. And no salvation for her is too sad.
By Anonymous
As Fallenangel700 mentioned, its very very likely that Virgin Born actually *is* Cruz's Lost Form. Or at least, as close to it as we're going to get considering Jack, Eva, and your character have the last three remaining Relics still inside them (which don't come out until after you defeat it/her). And yes, salvation for her really should be possible, considering what we saw in her death cutscene where she actually spoke to you, even after frenzying for so long. But just so long as we can save Io first.
By Anonymous
She is who wakes us up. Doesn't that mean she IS salved already in a sense?
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By Fallenangel700
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The Virign Born is most likely Cruz's Lost form, so we do fight her.
By Anonymous
I hope we can fight her with the season pass, it would be an awesome gift. ^^
By Anonymous
U can get her gift its a reward for getting true ending u can literally use her golden spike attack the code is called queen
By Anonymous
too bad the season pass is liquid ***. sad days.
By Anonymous
The game speaks of her since day one, you see her in memories, everyone won't shut up about her, you can even see how powerful she is in an epic cutscene but you don't get to fight her at all. Yeah, The Virgin Born might be her lost form or whatever but it ain't the real deal. I'm disappointed.
By Anonymous
We should fought her for real in our memories, not just in a cutscene...
By Anonymous
Poor Cruz