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Is there any hidden or visible benefits in playing without companions? Maybe you gain more souls or item drops or enemies/bosses hp is lowered? If no then what is the point in playing without one, is it just like a difficulty option?
The benefit is that the games becomes challenging instead of being a walk in the park
Ok, then it's just stupid.
I only really go without a follower when I'm fighting a boss or exploring depths. It's just more fun that way


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Game its kinda boring with a companion. You just dont die. You should try NG+ ENHANCED. Companions makes nothings there ^^
Game is a walk in the park without companions as well. Nothing is aggressive enough to really cause problems. Take a companion, makes the game make at least a little more sense when it randomly pops all of them there every cutscene.
You have not completed Silent White.
Six companions and only two legit waifus (since Eva is Jack's girl and Oliver isn't really a companion.)

Could use more waifus.