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By Anonymous
I believe this an Assassin’s creed reference. Here’s why: it uses the same color schemes as the standard Assassin’s clothes/armor from the franchise, the hood has a similar looking metal insignia on the top that looks like a symbolic reference to the belt buckles of Assassins, and the Howling Pit is where you find the Assassin’s blood code Vestiges. The only blood evil and vestiges in the area.
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By Fallenangel700
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Even if it's not a direct reference, it still gives off that Assassin's vibe.
By Anonymous
Not sure why everything has to be a reference to something,every white hooded robe isn't assassin's Creed, see more like it's just a mage look to me
By Anonymous
You've obviously never seen a final fantasy white mage outfit before. AC just made the look vogue.
By Anonymous
An excellent veil for paladin type build, especially the covetous variant. If offers surprisingly good protection and high light gift power, despite having only C+ in Mind. It looks great, doesn't clip with hair, alas it does clip with accessories, say external ponytails. Still, aside from noble darkness, my fav.
By Anonymous