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By GentleIce
When you find an enemy as a boss in The Depths, the game will tell you their name. Here's a quick list of what they're called here vs their name in the game Executioner is Snouted Wanderer Stone-Crusher is Raging Nobel Woman Elite Lost is Stone-Crusher (guess there was a mix up there) Ant-Type Executioner is Bog Predator Horned Lost (red) is Blood-Soaked Demon Spiked Lost (blue) is Forgotten Devil Sea Urchins are Ghastly Flesh Glowing Tentacle Lost is Mud Gorger
By Living
I was actually just about to comment on each of the pages (tho I’m still working on doing all the depths)
By Living
Was just about to comment the names on each of the pages as I work through the depths
By Anonymous
not to be mean but punctuation would help
By Fishnchipz
I updated all of the pages and then some other that I found through my own exploration in the depths. I'm not done with the game, so once I get more maps of the depths I'll be updating more bestiary entries.
By Anonymous
What are those sea urchins in the howling pit and the bog predators have lighting resistance I think they are weak to fire
By Anonymous
Hi same person the urchin I'm talking about it's in the howling pit except it's in the water u can find it behind a certain area