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JeeNine be like:
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crushing option not appearing for me at +3
By troyberber
Go to blacksmith Ed. And make sure you have greystone in your inventory.
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Here's some Trivia:
The Claymore, the Winged Spear and the Knight's Sword all have the Boletarian Sun emblazed on them, meaning all three are Boletarian Knight weapons.
The Claymore has the furthest reach of all the Greatswords. (Citation Needed, use the three crossbowmen just before the Tower Knight Stone for confirmation)
By Anonymous
What is the drop rate of the claymore from the blue eye knight in the tunnel on the floor level of the Boletaria starting area? I’ve been farming for hours and can’t get any drops other than some Full Moon Grass. I don’t want to spend the 6K when I can get it as a drop, but damn... Item Discovery on my character is 67
By Anonymous
Your time is far more valuable than 6k souls.
By Anonymous
Buddy, just go farm in 4-2, you get that much per run that takes 2 minutes
By Anonymous
Quality or crushing? And is blessing good?
By DemonsSoulsMaster
Quality. Crushing does have s scaling, but the base damage is really low.
By Anonymous
Also keep in mind Greystone and Bladestone are the absolute most painfully hard to farm materials in the game. They have no guaranteed drops (except 1 Greystone chunk in 2-2), do not appear in crystal lizards, cannot be purchased anywhere, only drop in 1 location each, and the drop rates are depressingly low. Your only option to completing even a single Crushing weapon is hours, HOURS of grinding the same 6 Rock worms before the Underground Temple 2-3 Archstone. It is frustratingly bad and I gave up after completing just 1 crushing weapon. Bladestone is even worse to farm in 4-1 and 4-2, screwing over Dex builds hardcore.
By Anonymous
i have so many bladestones i cant fit them in my stashi have 99 in stash and im holding 60+ from farming souls from 4-1.....easiest stone to get hands down.
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I prefer the movest of this claymore over the other claymores in the other games, it's relatively fast, more elegant and realistic and I enjoy the swings a lot more, makes it look like the character is using an actual sword and doesn't just smash the sword against the ground
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Just played the og demon's souls, it looks more elegant there too
By Anonymous
zweihander moveset with the speed of a straight sword? one could come to prefer this moveset.
By Anonymous
From reading up on the upgrade paths, I would assume it would be a lot less frustrating to just upgrade to +10 instead of going for crushing or quality?
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By captainwafflezs
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Holy crap this thing is massive. It's so much smaller in the other games.