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The Technogenesis mob can also drop the Crystalline Hookblade at Mk. IX. I cut off both arms and got the spear and the Mimetic Quickblade. I did not get a Nano-Barbed Impaler as stated above


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Update the explanation.
I have the first 6 audiologs, but this "technogenesis" never appeared. Where does he spawn?
Same here... I got the first six and killed everything on the map... no quest mob.
Same issue here. Maybe you have to get them in order? Or listen to them?
any solution to this?
i got Pillar of Oblivion instead Mimetic Quickblade And Mimetic Quickblade I got in underground before
got the three Mimetic Quickblade (VIII), Pillar of Oblivion (IX) and the Crystalline Hookblade (IX) by cutting off the right arm on both counterparts