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By Anonymous
this dude is a b*tch
By Anonymous
Nah, this boss is 100% bad game design
By Anonymous
Im late to the hate train.
screw this enemy and screw the 2 in the ice depths. I had more fun and a better time fighting the actual boss of that area.
By Anonymous
this duo in depths is the hardest boss in the game so far (O&S duo in void district is a joke compared to this)
By Anonymous
One of the dumb enemy in every souls like game, fight me.
By Anonymous
Note: For folks that don't have a flame imbued weapon (e.g. the Impaler Fire), like past comments have said, Flame Weapon is a good buffer against these potato sacks. I also HIGHLY recommend getting a Winter Mantle and infusing it with a Fionn Chrome; it especially helps when you have to tank hits from two of these idjits in the Depths. I was taking hits like a champ and they went down like cheese after I wore it and used the Impaler w/ Flame Weapon. Hope this helps.
By Anonymous
People really don't read the pages do they?
By Anonymous
indeed another method to break their ice is the so cheap fire storm gift, anyone can use it since its d+ will, its 6 hits of fire, pops their armor instantly EVERY time...