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Large Elder Dragon Gems drop from any Master Rank Elder Dragon, however it is probably one of the rarest drops to get. If you want to farm it then I'd suggest farming Namielle, since he has no High-Rank Gem to drop. So your chances of getting the Large ED Gem are higher.
By Pink_Lemosa
I just tried this and Namielle gave me this item. Thanks!
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Namielle is a girl
By Anonymous
"namielle is a girl" who fokken cares what he is
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Velkhana would be better since it's a way easier and faster fight
By Anonymous
Velkhana doesn’t drop these tho ^
By Anonymous
"Namielle is a girl"....your parents still didnt explain you how children are made?
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The "We Three King" Event Quest is also a great source. The second time I did the quest today I got three Large Elder Dragon Gems in one go. First carved one from Kushala (along with a Kushala gem), carved another one from Teostra and then got a third one from the end rewards (along with a Teostra gem). By far the most successful quest I ever did.
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Why this isn't updated? by interest I know namiel coil us s Large Elder Dragon Gem
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Played we three kings and didn't get any gems...
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Got a drop from namielle, carved his tail
By Anonymous
Her tail
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I was struggling getting this for the longest time, even did Three Kings many times, never a drop. Where I finally got one was from a simple Investigation. It was the extra rewards you get from those that it came in, not from carving. I recommend investigations of elder dragons to get those extra chances at this gem.
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I got one from a Black Vaal Hazak investigation twice
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By Lewisriver
The breadcrumbs for this page need to be edited so that it's listed under MR Materials, as this is strictly a master rank material.